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Put-In and Put-On Tasks

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to August 31st as appreciation to our customers.

Looking for Task Boxes?
We have more than 400 from which to choose!

  • Classroom size pre-configured and pre-packaged BUNDLES and SUPER BUNDLES (up to 177 task boxes)

  • Smaller assortments and groupings focusing on a particular skill or ability level (10-67 task boxes)

  • Or purchase individually to meet specific needs

  • Our Task Box products can help your district meet many of the requirements of the I.D.E.A.
  • Task Boxes come with everything you need:
    • no printing
    • no laminating
    • no cutting
  • Printed resources include:
    • rubric forms tailored to each task
    • instruction sheet (for the teacher)
    • task card (for the student)
  • Each task is designed for a particular ability level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), but can be easily modified and/or extended for flexibility.

  • Basic Skills tasks focus on Fine Motor, Matching, Put-In/On, Sorting, and Stacking.
  • Pre-Vocational Skills tasks focus on Assembly, Job Training, and Packaging.
  • Transitional Skills tasks help students transition from the classroom to more independent functioning in the outside world.
  • Vocational Training Tasks (as opposed to Pre-Vocational) are larger scale products designed for multiple students or provide additional time on task for a single student.

Our Products:

  • are "classroom ready"
  • provide instructional curriculum
  • support functional curriculum
  • promote independent work
  • utilize age appropriate materials
  • are Sole Source*

Our Special Features

Double Box & Divider™

Our exclusive Double Box & Divider™ system eliminates or greatly reduces task reset time. At completion of the task, move the lid and/or divider to the empty box.


Many of our tasks are Bi-Directional™, which means completion of the primary tasks becomes the beginning point for a secondary task and vice versa.

When the ping pong balls are all inserted through the hole in the lid, the lid is moved to the empty box and becomes the setup for the secondary task.

Task Boxes

Storage boxes for activities are all the same size. This makes shelf storage easy to organize.

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