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Electronic Training Tasks - Ten Low Voltage DC Circuits

    Learning the basic principles of electricity and electronics are important to anyone interested in how many of our modern day appliances and gadgets work. This kit includes the components to build the ten circuits shown below. The circuit components snap together in various configurations on a circuit board. The wood circuit base is fitted with rubber feet to provide a skid-resistant work surface. All components snap together for safety to eliminate any wire cutting or soldering. A full color laminated assembly guide is included for each circuit. Batteries are included (non-rechargeable).

ETT-S1C Task Set
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Electronic Training Task Set Series 1
Item#: ETT-S1C
Choke Hazard CHOKE HAZARD (1)
not intended for under 3 years
$353.95 $263.95
Music Alarm Snap Circuit
Alarm Circuit

Simulation: Closing the switch simulates an alarm or warning condition similar to a car horn.

Light Alarm Snap Circuit
Light Alarm

Simulation: Removing the wire opens the circuit to cause an alarm condition similar to the breaking of a tripwire around a protected area. In this case the alarm is a silent, but visible (LED lamp illuminates).

Morse Code Snap Circuit
Morse Code

Simulation: Operating the push button switch flashes an LED lamp and generates a tone. The length of switch closure time can be varied to simulate the dots and dashes of Morse Code. Morse Code table is included. Connect the Key (included) in place of the push button switch for even more realism.

Space War Snap Circuit
Space War Sounds

Simulation: Operating the switches by themselves or in combinations produces several space war sounds.

Lamps in Parallel Snap Circuit
Lamps in Parallel

Simulation: Closing the switch causes current to flow through the lamps. If one lamp is removed, the brilliance of the other lamp does not change because the voltage across the lamp does not change.

Incandescent Lamp Snap Circuit
Incandescent Lamp

Simulation: Closing the switch causes current to flow through the lamp similar to a light switch in a room.

Computer Logical AND Snap Circuit
Computer "AND" Gate

Simulation: Closing one switch will not produce any sound. Both switches must be closed to produce a sound. This simulates the logical statement "AND=A · B"

LED Lamp Snap Circuit
LED Lamp

Simulation: Closing the switch causes current to flow through the LED. The LED allows current to flow in one direction only.

Electric Motor Snap Circuit
Electric Motor

Simulation: Closing the switch causes current to flow through the motor, which spins the fan in one direction. Reversing the polarity of the motor also reverses the direction of fan rotation.

Motion Detector Snap Circuit
Motion Detector

Simulation: Closing the switch causes current to flow through the sensor. Moving your hand over the sensor causes the LED lamp to flash.

Replacements for lost or broken components are available separately.
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